Consolidation of all supplier invoices

To deliver sustainable growth and profitability in a digitally disrupted world, organizations need to enhance their operational model to pay their suppliers more efficiently. Fleets International Enterprises has the capability to implement a transparent invoicing process for your overall fleet supply chain by using our supplier e-Invoicing program.

Fleets International Enterprises eInvoicing tool is a centralized billing product that consolidates employee mobility expenses into a single account. By simplifying the

payment process for our clients and providing enhanced visibility, the eInvoicing solution offers a maximum control over your mobility expenditure.

Fleets International Enterprises will support you by controlling and consolidation of all your suppliers to receive highest transparency on a long-run. Especially within a ‘multi-supply’ environment it is fundamental to use best-in-class IT tools to streamline the invoicing process effectively. Fleets International Enterprises will optimize your invoicing process and will manage the invoicing of all your suppliers in order to eliminate the workload for your employee within the accounts payable department of our clients.

Purpose built for the eInvoicing solution, Fleets International Enterprises delivers a fleet and mobility spend management platform that unifies business processes across all the fleet and mobility supply chain spend money. Our customized financial applications digitize spending across fleet and mobility management and invoicing. Combined with our fleet management software applications our cloud platform delivers the control, agility and visibility critical for businesses to compete.