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Fleets International Enterprises is an independent fleet and mobility management service provider, which is headquartered in Germany and supported by offices globally. We serve customers in optimizing their strategies at every stage – from acquisition and financing to contract management and invoice control management, in providing an extensive range of fleet and mobility services that stretch the total fleet and employee lifecycle. These services, together with our distinguished solutions, technologies and consulting, we drive our customers to realize exceptional results.

  • Years of expertise in the industry
  • Wide range of services & solutions
  • Most sophisticated and receptive fleet and mobility management experts

In order to be one of the most contemporary fleet mobility management service provider, Fleets International Enterprises understands that it needs to stay ahead of times. That is why we continue to invest in modern technology – and today, through our proprietary fleet and mobility management software and their relevant apps, we are able to serve customers with a wide range of fleet solutions for any budget or size - which enables you to have complete control and unique flexibility.

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