Fleet Management

Find out how to reach competitive Advantage

This Fleet Management product by Fleets International Enterprises is specifically designed to support customers in a multi-supplier environment in order to reduce significantly the baseline of the overall cost structure within the fleet area and beyond. This requires often high internal resources and produces significant workload in co-coordinating different suppliers. Furthermore, a consolidated reporting across all suppliers is often difficult to achieve.

The main reasons to select the Fleet Management services of Fleets International Enterprises are:

  • Expert procedures and tools – This service package allows for quick and consistent contract implementation and compliance control, continuous-proactive vendor coordination and price-service control in a multi supplier environment. Also a cost-effective management structure, where a dedicated fleet specialist supports our client in control of final strategy and decision making;

  • Global monitoring highly scaleable reporting - The Global monitoring and reporting services ensure a full conversion of data to information supported by trend analysis, benchmarking and policy recommendations. Our data pooling analysis also allows for the capture of all critical data utilized in identifying the current cost and dynamic baseline, areas of improvements and supports planning and implementation phases by using an end-to-end process coverage. It also centralizes performance measurement of prices and services, quick identification of abnormal facts and figures as well as a reliable control on hidden costs.

  • Continuous benchmarking - The benchmarking module provides accurate market update and best practice benchmarking, enabling further cost optimization through advice for change where appropriate.

  • Improve company focus - Many large Corporates have limits on the available resources. Outsourced control support let focus let our clients focus on its core business by having operational functions assumed by outside experts. People whose energies are currently focused on internal and operational administrative tasks can be focused more on strategic task allowing implementing Corporate Strategy at greater pace and quality leading to fast results and increased competitive advantages.

  • Gain access to world-class capabilities - As a professional service provider, Fleets International Enterprises makes extensive investments in technology, methodologies and people. We also gain expertise by working with many other organizations facing similar challenges. This combination of specialization and expertise will provide our clients a competitive advantage and help avoid the cost of chasing technology and training on non-core activities.