Electronic Driver License Check

FIE Electronic Driver License Check

The FIE electronic driver license check is a streamlined solution that leverages mobile technology to verify your drivers’ licenses in an efficient way. Small and large corporations will benefit by reducing their workload, saving time and ultimately receiving exact documentation about their drivers’ licenses.

Discover our solution and find out how it will help you to eliminate recurring manual tasks from your daily work.


Legal & Compliant

Ensure legal compliance with the FIE electronic driver license check

Mobile Solution

The FIE electronic driver license check is built on the latest mobile technology


Your data is stored in a ISO 27001 certified data center


Easy to use

Drivers only need a mobile device to verify their driver's license. The process takes less than a minute.

Save Time

A comprehensive overview, constant monitoring of check intervals and automatic reminders reduce existing paperwork substantially


Our solution takes care of individual requirements across countries and is available in 12 languages

The FIE electronic driver license check is designed for different use cases

Fleet Manager & International Fleets

Leasing Companies

Small Businesses

Free Demo

The FIE electronic driver license check is available on iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro and Android devices