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FIE Fleet Ecosystem

At FIE we aim to deliver best-in-class fleet solutions. Our success proved us right, that keeping a strong focus on business process automation and optimization adds value to the overall fleet management service. The FIE ecosystem builds the foundation for clients to benefit from the whole range of our cloud based fleet solutions. All modules are interconnected which is the key factor to drive efficiency and ultimately save costs.

Discover our products and learn how our solutions can enhance your fleet operation.


FIE Car Configurator

Car Configurator

The FIE Car Configurator is a state-of-the-art solution to implement your company car policy on a national and international level

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FIE Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Software

The FIE Fleet Management Software is a cloud based workbench for the daily work of a fleet manager

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FIE Electronic Driver License Check

Electronic Driver License Check

The FIE electronic driver license check is a streamlined solution that leverages mobile technology to verify your drivers’ licenses in an efficient way

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FIE eAuction


The FIE eAuction enhances your fleet sourcing and generates additional savings

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FIE Enhanced Mobility

FIE Enhanced Mobility

The FIE Enhanced Mobility App is a 24/7 mobility and fleet assistant for company car drivers

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FIE Ecosystem

FIE Ecosystem

The FIE fleet and mobility solutions are connected through what we call the FIE Ecosystem

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How our solutions can help


Multi Bidding

Reverse eAuctioning

Car Policy Management

Reduce TCO

Manage global car policies centrally

Fleet Reporting

Global data consolidation

Dashboarding & Forecasting

Driver Information Management

24/7 Fleet portal for drivers

Driver App for iPhone, iPad and Android

Electronic Logbook

Invoice Processing

Invoice consolidation & control

Legal & Compliance

Driver License Check

MOT & Maintenance Check