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FIE eAuction - Reverse eAuction

When you decide to order vehicles in bundles, a reverse eAuction is your instrument of choice to find the best price available. Our state-of-the-art real time platform will help you to avoid costs.

If you have not been using an eAuction within your sourcing yet, we highly encourage you to do so. You will be really surprised by the results.

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Cloud Solution

The FIE eAuction platform can be accessed easily with a web browser, a tablet or a mobile phone

Reverse Auctioning

Consider reverse auctioning for your sourcing in order to generate additional savings


The auctioning process takes place in real time and as a host you can lay back and watch the happening


Supplier Friendly

Supplier engagement is key to a successful auction. We made sure that our solution is user friendly and easy to use. The results have proven us right that higher usability correlates with savings success.

Additional Savings

By using reverse auctioning you put yourself in the position to generate additional savings. If set up right, suppliers will push themselves to the limit and as a result your company profits.

Enhanced Sourcing

No matter how your current sourcing strategy looks like, adding an eAuction on top will definitely enhance your sourcing process. Talk to us if you're considering to take it to the next level.

Global & Multilingual

The FIE eAuction is available to more than 200 countries in 8 languages

Multi Currency

Currently the system supports 14 different currencies

Bidding & Timing Rules

Adjust bidding and timing rules to discover the best eAuction format for you

The FIE eAuction is designed for different use cases

Fleet Manager & International Fleets

Banks & Insurance Companies

Car Dealerships

Sourcing in general



The FIE eAuction is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. It can be hosted in a single tenant environment by FIE or on your own server.


The product can be used as a standalone version or integrated into other systems. FIE's Fleet Management Solution provides deep integration with the eAuction, but you can plug it into any other system via interfaces easily.


The modular architecture enables us to easily customize the eAuction visually and functionally easily. We will tailor fit it exactly according to your needs.

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