FIE Ecosystem

FIE Ecosystem - Fleet and Mobility

Our fleet and mobility solutions are connected through what we call the FIE Ecosystem. It describes the underlying architecture from a technological point of view. Clients benefit by reducing their IT spend and increased efficiency through process orientation.

With a growing number of different systems you will experience scalability issues and lack of data integrity when you are running a fleet on a large scale. The FIE Ecosystem solves this challenge by combining all aspects of modern fleet and mobility management into one single solution.

Talk to us if you are considering to run your fleet operation within a consolidated cloud environment.


Cloud Architecture

The FIE Ecosystem is our cloud based backend


Run your global fleet operation from a single consolidated system


Your data is stored in a ISO 27001 certified data center


Process Oriented

The focus on process orientation has been a key driver for efficiency


The modular architecture enables the client to choose which components to run in the ecosystem

Reduce IT Cost

No need to maintain code and server farms, which results in a reduced IT headcount


The FIE Ecosystem is designed to work in an international environment right from the start

Multi Currency

The system supports 14 different currencies at present


Don't worry if your fleet contains 100 or 10.000 vehicles

Wholly owned by Fleets International Enterprises


Let the FIE Ecosystem power your...

Daily Work

Fleet & Mobility Reporting


Supplier Payments

FIE Ecosystem for Fleet Companies

The FIE Ecosystem serves clients across the globe for more than 12 years