FIE Enhanced Mobility

FIE Enhanced Mobility App - Screen

The FIE Enhanced Mobility App is an interactive 24/7 mobility and fleet assistant for company car drivers.
Not only can a driver look into documents and all of his company car details, they also have the ability to use specific location based services, like a driver journal/log book.

The app is the ideal and modern way to connect with drivers to exchange information and to integrate them into fleet related processes in a single solution.

Drivers love it

Easy to use and constant access to relevant information.

Mobile Solution

The FIE enhanced mobility is available on iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro and Android devices.


All data is stored in a ISO 27001 certified data center.


Company Car Information

All relevant information about a drivers' vehicle at one glance. Additionally they have access to documents like car policy.

Driving Behavior Analytics

Detailed analytics like current mileage, driven mileage and fuel consumption gives insight about driving behaviour.


Whether drivers need an emergency call or want to submit a detailed accident report, the app takes care of both cases.


Comprehensive answers to a variety of questions about the company vehicle, contract or damage.


Let the app guide you back to the place where you parked your car.


Keep your travel book online for private and business trips.

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FIE Enhanced Mobility is available on iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro and Android devices.