Fleet Accountant

I. Function

A. Role and Objective

The Fleet Accountant is in charge of coordinating process for an enhanced Fleet strategy in Europe. As such the Fleet Accountant is working closely with local countries and suppliers in order to detail the European Fleet strategy, drive European harmonisation of Fleet policies, conduct RfP processes, ensure issues resolution, and manage implementation risks.

B. Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Ensures 100% client satisfaction (int’l and local level)
  • Manages either 1 large customer in one specific country or more medium size customers across Europe
  • Is the central point of contact in of the new Fleet strategy for the customer– as such develops strong relationships with key stakeholders within the customer side
  • Ensures that client specific adaptations to standard FIE processes are documented and coordinates with the Strategic Account Manager
  • Keeping client’s costs down and maximizing profits; cutting expenses and reducing administrative costs
  • Make sure that all agreed deliverables will be fulfilled at the client site and validate those deliverables before communication to either the international or the local client
  • Attends key local meetings with Clients (kick-off meetings, bi-annual meetings with client / suppliers)
  • Responsible to answer all client questions and handling the daily management; reporting, updating FIE system, seeking for an improved supply chain
  • Ensures that Country Agreements and SLAs are in place between FIE and Client as well as between Client and Vendors.
  • Updates regularly Strategic Account Manager about the status
  • Is involved to review Master Agreement’s service scope, validates implementation plans, defines the implementation budget, ensures that implementation fees are considered in the master agreement and highlights key risks

II. Scope

A. Budget and Supervisory Responsibilities

Capital and/or Project/Operating Budget (incl. Annual Salaries):
  • None

Supervisory Responsibility (Number of employees in function, number of direct reports, Job levels):
  • No direct staff responsibility
  • Trainees (if applicable) might be put under supervision for a certain period of time

B. Performance Metrics

  • Fulfilment of Client’s Key Performance Indicators
  • Client Satisfaction during life cycle
  • Achieved Savings per client

C. Geographic Coverage

The function can be performed from any country, however location at the headquarter of Fleets International Headquarter is a plus

III. Qualification

A. Skills Profile

Interpersonal (Soft) Skills:
  • Client-oriented mind-set - empathy to understand client needs, provide appropriate advice and anticipate reactions
  • Driven and self-motivated and able to work upon their own initiative within established boundaries
  • Credible at all levels and able to present topics in a clear and meaningful fashion
  • A passion for the timeliness of delivery whilst mindful of the importance of data and information accuracy
  • Able to manage diverse, multiple tasks simultaneously and consistently communicate the status of the various tasks

Analytical Skills:
  • Very good understanding of Fleets International Enterprises Operational Processes
  • Very structured and able to dig down route causes of issues to resolve them (not just surfacing problems)
  • Good understanding of the leasing industry

Required Skills

Desired Skills

  • Fluent in English
  • French, German, Dutch, Italian or Spanish

Software Skills:
  • Proficient use of Microsoft Office products (ie Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

B. Background

Required Skills

Desired Skills

  • University degree (3 years study after baccalaureate)
  • Business school degree
Work Experience:
  • At least 2 years’ experience as a project manager of large, complex, cross-functional projects
  • At least 2 years’ experience in the automotive industry
  • Experience within a consulting / project intensive environment
  • Experience within the leasing industry
  • Knowledge of taxation rules as they relate to vehicles, employees & employers in the local market